Oscietra Caviar 50g


Oscietra Caviar comes from the crossbreed of the Siberian and Russian sturgeons, both raised in a retaining lake fed by fresh mountain water on our own farm in Poland. 

The outer shell of the dark-brown to olive-coloured eggs is slightly harder than that of the Sterlet Sturgeon. The taste is characterized by deep, rich and complex flavour with a pleasant salty aroma, accompanied by delicate nutty and buttery notes and long aromatic aftertaste. 

Recommended to pair with top grade Brut Champagne or fine sparkling wines as well as a Chardonnay or Rieslings. 

★★★★★ "Such's a privilege to work with such a wonderful ingredient" - Jan Knedla, headchef of Papilio Restaurant, Vysoky Ujezd, Czech Republic

Why Pearla Caviar?

no sturgeons harmed
From Farm To Table

Pearla Caviar is harvested only from sturgeon bred on our farm lakes in Poland, fed by crystal clear mountain streams.

no sturgeons harmed
Organically Grown

Strictly no chemicals, preservatives or antibiotics are used on our farm or in production of our caviar, all carried out under CITES guidelines.

no sturgeons harmed
No Fish Harmed

Roe is harvested in an ethical way by a small cut in the abdomen, without harming or killing our sturgeons.

no sturgeons harmed
No Metal Aftertaste

Enjoy the purest taste of caviar without any metal aftertaste. Our caviar is packed in clear glass jars so you can expect the quality of the roe anytime.

Safe delivery
Exclusive Packaging

Your caviar is delivered by a courier in secure packaging with cooling pads to ensure it stays in pristine condition during transport.

Nutritional Information:
Per 25gm Serving

  • Calories: 71, Fat Cal. 45,
  • Total Fat: 5g (8%DV), Sat. Fat 1g (6%DV), Trans Fat 0g,
  • Cholesterol: 165mg (55%DV),
  • Sodium: 420mg (18%DV),
  • Total Carb: 1g (0%DV), Fibre 0g (0%DV), Sugars Og,
  • Protein: 7g,
  • Vitamins: A (5%DV), Vitamin B12 (100%DV),
  • Calcium: (8%DV) Iron (18%DV).
The Russian Sturgeon


(Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii)
  • Sturgeon age: minimum 10 years
  • Colour: varies from dark brown, olive and grey with amber tones.  
  • Size of grains:  2.7 - 3.2mm

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Pearla guarantee

We understand that we can pursue excellence in taste only if the quality of our fish and their environment is at the highest standard.

By producing caviar only from our own fish, we are able to guarantee unparalleled quality and confidence in the product we offer.

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