A guilt-free way to enjoy one of the finest delicacies

in the world - sustainably farmed sturgeon whose

legacy is passed down to generations.


Sustainability is at the forefront at everything we do at Pearla Caviar.

As the species of Sturgeon fish are driven to extinction, we made it our mission to preserve their heritage for generations to come.

Our farm is proud to be part of this long tradition by preserving and breeding these endangered animals, and providing them with an unparalleled quality water environment and better quality of life.

By using caviar only from our own farm, we can guarantee the well-being of the animals, quality of the product and most ethical treatment of the fish. 


A labour of love, ten years in making. Roe takes time to mature to perfection to offer you an explosion of flavour and rich supply of nutrients. After depositing the precious cargo that took years to prepare, Sturgeon fish is normally killed and sold for flesh. Something that not a lot of caviar enthusiasts like to acknowledge and appreciate.

Pearla Caviar is at the forefront of caviar revolution, having developed a completely ethical way to extract the precious roe without harming the fish themselves.

During harvest, roe is first checked for ripeness with an ultrasound and once ready, it is extracted through a small hole in the abdomen of the fish. We like to think of it as our C-section.

After a short recovery period, the fish is the reunited with rest of the family to live happily ever after…. Or until the next harvest, when we go through the same process.

Happy fish, tasty caviar, thousands of lives saved each year.

Who wouldn’t call that a happy ending?