Enjoy the

Symphony of Pure Taste

For those that enjoy the finest things in life - pure bred sturgeon fish producing the finest caviar. Our own farm, highest standards and purest taste caviar. 


Gifts of Mother Nature

natural & organic

From the misty waters of our own fish farm filled with mountain streams, we bring you the most natural and organically grown caviar, free of preservatives & chemicals. Natural & pure, just as nature intended.


Your Choice Matters

Sustainable Caviar

A guilt-free way to enjoy one of the finest delicacies in the world - sustainably farmed sturgeon whose legacy is passed down to generations.


Pioneers of

Ethical Caviar Production

No fish is harmed, let alone killed, in our caviar harvest. We stand proud at the forefront of caviar revolution that values the life of the fish as much as the roe.


Our Caviar Collection

Compliments of our Sturgeon

Bester Beluga Deluxe Set (150g)Bester Beluga Deluxe Set (150g)
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Pearla Caviar Tasting Set (150g)Pearla Caviar Tasting Set (150g)
On sale
Baerri Mini Tasting Set (40g)Baerri Mini Tasting Set (40g)
On sale
Baerri Tasting Set (80g)Baerri Tasting Set (80g)
On sale
Oscietra CaviarOscietra Caviar
On sale

Oscietra Caviar

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