packaging and Delivery

We deliver to whole EU with DHL Express service. That means most of the orders are delivered within 24 hours.

To make sure your caviar is delivered in the best condition, we only ship Monday-Thursday, where next day delivery is possible. For some coutries and places the delivery takes longer, so we only ship such orders Monday-Wednesday.


Delivery is available in these countries

Delivery is available in these countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (excluding Canary islands), Czechia, Sweden, Hungary, Cyprus

Delivery times: Next day DHL tracked delivery service for all orders received by 11.00 am EST (we are not able to offer next day deliveries at weekends).

Standard Delivery charges: €35 for orders under €200, FREE delivery for orders over €200.


Delivery Information:

Due to delicate nature of caviar, it is essential that someone is available to collect the caviar delivery and to place the caviar in a fridge as soon as possible. Please keep this in mind when you book your delivery and provide a phone number so our couriers can get in touch with you.

If the delivery is left on doorsteps without collection, we cannot be held responsible for any damage done to the product.

Our caviar is delivered in thermo-insulated packaging and our next day delivery service ensures that it reaches you in the best possible condition.
Our caviar stays fresh when left in unopened glass jar for up to 8 weeks and once opened, it should be comsumed within 3 days.

Once you caviar has been shipped, you will receive an automated notification with your delivery tracking code and estimated time of arrival.


Caring your caviar

The Caviar should be stored in a refrigerator at as close to 3°C, constant temperature as possible. Caviar can handle periods at ambient temperature, but it should be avoided if possible, to prolong the integrity of the flavour texture and freshness. The caviar should not at any point be frozen.

Pearla Caviar has no preservatives added, the is only a small amount of salt combined to enhance the flavour. The jars are hermetically sealed, and once opened the contents should be consumed immediately or within three days if kept in a refrigerator at 3°C.

Pearla Caviar

"Locally sourced products don't have to travel around the world and help to save the nature."

Jan Knedla

Executive chef, Papilio restaurant