So that was Summer 2020, It has certainly been an unusual one.

We thought before you either stand down for the year or disappear to sunnier climates we could all have a bit light-hearted end of season fun.

We would like to invite you to participate in the inaugural Pearla Caviar Yacht Chef competition open to all yachts over 30m based in Palma de Mallorca. 

Your challenge is to create a beautiful and innovative dish that prominently features the form and flavours of caviar.

On registering to enter, each participating Chef will receive a free 50g serving of premium caviar and information pack with detailed instructions. 

Due to the exceptional circumstances this year, entries will be submitted in the form of photographs and video if you wish. Please name your dish and provide description.

Get creative Chefs, be free, let loose and show us what you can do!

There are prizes for the Chef and for the Yacht

Competition Prizes


1st Prize
Ownership of its own sturgeon and the caviar it gives for 3 years*. 
500 EUR El Corte Ingles voucher
Bottle of Nyetimber Sparkling wine


2nd Prize
250 gr Bester Beluga Sterlet Caviar
 200 EUR El Corte Ingles voucher
Bottle of Nyetimber Sparkling wine


3rd Prize
250 gr Bester Beluga Sterlet Caviar
100 EUR El Corte Ingles voucher
Bottle of Nyetimber Sparkling wine


*On average a fish will produce between 1-3 kg of caviar at each harvest. The caviar from your specific fish will be delivered to you in jars labelled with the yachts name and emblem, or in the case of the Chef, the name and artwork that you supply.

How to Enter

Email your name, the name of the yacht, a contact phone number and the berth number to 


Full competition details will be emailed to registering Chefs. 

To view all our caviar products visit and enter code YACHTCHEF20  at checkout to receive a 20% discount at checkout.


About Pearla Caviar

We all care about the quality and true origin of our food.  With Pearla Caviar the provenance of the product is not just a nod to its European origin, our concept of “integrity of provenance” is a far deeper commitment. 

We have specialist in-house facilities and expertise that enable us to breed our own fish. We carefully nurture them to adulthood, we know the quality of the water in which they live, that they have only ever had organic feed,  and that no steroids or antibiotics have ever been used on the farm, and ultimately by using our proprietary process we extract the caviar from the adult fish without killing or harming the animal.

Caviar improves with the age of the fish, the eggs become firmer, the size of each egg is larger, and the flavour more intense and sophisticated.  Enabling the fish to give caviar and live on is therefore not simply an ethical issue, it makes perfect sense commercially and with each year of life the product just gets better. The key components that affect the quality of caviar are; the age of the fish, the purity of the water in which the fish live, and the quality of the feed they eat.  


Terms & Conditions

1. By registering for this competition you are agreeing to be bound by these terms & conditions. 

2. Participating chefs must be located in Palma de Mallorca. 

3. Only chefs registered via email will be allowed to enter this competition.

4. By sending us the image or video to participate in the competition, you are also agreeing for the image to be used in our marketing materials, including and not limited to social media, advertising and similar.

5. Winners will be picked by a committee comprised of employees of Pearla Caviar and notified via email. 

6. There are no cash alternatives to the prizes stated above.

7. We reserve the right to cancel the competition if less than 10 chefs will participate. 

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